Top 10 Internet Languages

Posted on December 4, 2013

These statistics say it all. If you want to do business on the internet you’re well advised to approach your potential customers in languages other than English or you’ll only reach 27% of all internet users. More specifically, you will need 21 languages to reach 90% of internet customers, and the top 10 are a good place to start.
Speaking your customers’ language shows respect, establishes a sense of trust, demonstrates long-term commitment and increases the flow of feedback and market intelligence.


Top 10 Internet Languages

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Simona De Logu

Simona de Logu is an experienced freelance interpreter and translator, specialized in GermanEnglish, but she also works with French, Spanish and Portuguese. You can find her on Google +, Facebook, LinkedIn and Her areas of expertise are economics, finance, business, politics and current affairs due to her previous professional background as a financial journalist.

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